György Alföldi DLA / architect, associate professor


György Alföldi DLA / Architect, Associate Professor of the Department of Urban Planning and Design of Budapest Universityof Technology and Economics (BME) / Member of the Board at Rév8 Plc.

Since 1998 György Alföldi has been responsible for the urban development of Józsefváros, eight district of Budapest. He took part in the renewal of the district, namely the Corvin Sétány and the Magdolna Quarter Programs, which are well-known in Europe. In his DLA thesis, defended in 2007, he analysed the connections between architecture and urban development. Within the Department of Urban Planning and Design, he and Péter Bach created the „Urban Future Laboratory”. The aim of the project is to teach urban planning&design through researching the challenges of a city’s future, while reacting to social needs.

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Peter Bach / architect, assistant lecturer


…”Being a practicing architect and a teacher of architecture I travel around the world frequently – to be educated by the world itself.”

I graduated as an architect in 1996 at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) and almost since that time I have taken active part in the education of the Department of Urban Planning and Design. I joined the UFLab in 2011 and I’m taking an active part in its program continuously.

At the same time I’m also working on my DLA doctoral research and thesis with the title “HACKING the CITY” – that has strong and direct connection with the thematics of the UFLab’s FUTURE Cities and LOST Cities and investigates the city as a form of a complex of systems by considering the urbanised world as an analogy of the hardware and software of  computer system extended with humanware  – and then comes the hacking of these in the most creative and positive sense…

Besides the academic activity I have had a continuous professional practice since 1999 in my own office for architecture called FUSION architects with jobs ranging from urban design to interior and graphic designs.

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