Freaky Whales – Grand Boulevard Community Ideas Competition

Freaky Whales – Ádám Ackermann, László Bilák, Anna Csanády, Vencel Kustra, Liza Varga, Mátyás Weisz
Grand Boulevard Community Ideas Competition – Special Award

Recent events have made it clear to us that in order to avoid a global ecological catastrophe, we need to stop our current environmentally destructive lifestyles that consume natural resources and have to adapt to the changing climate. All of this implies that we need to redefine our cities and our urban life.

This change of mindset is needed at the societal level, but we believe that the current adult generations are not suited for this, because they are got used to a lifestyle, that humankind is polluting and destroying the natural world. We believe that for an effective and stable change, we must first raise a generation that will be capable of breaking with the lifestyles of its predecessors.

With our entry, we want to draw attention to the importance of bringing this new lifestyle approach to children, incorporating its elements in their education and place in contents produced for children, thus promoting its widespread spread and acceptance.

This project of the Freaky Whales evolved from the plans of Next Normal After Covid – Urban Planning and Design 2 subject by UFLab (Consultants: prof. Dr. György Alföldi DLA, Imre Bokányi, Olívia Kurucz).


Skills: 2021, competitions, studio works