Food Bank and Incubator House by Júlia Pokol

Complex Design Studio 1 – Food Bank and Incubator House by Júlia Pokol

My project was a part of a teamwork concentrating on the XX. district of Budapest named Pesterzsébet. During the workshop we figured out a 5 step revitalization method that could help this part of our city to become more vivid and friendly to its inhabitants and visitors. This complex would be the third step out of the five, after the realization of a plastic recycling factory and workshop which would produce the colorful material covering its facade. 

It is a house mixing a variety of functions: the ground floor is open to all visitors to use the community kitchen, where the remaining fruits, veggies ect. from the local market could be cooked for a free dinner to the ones in need. Also it is a place for young mothers to learn the ins and outs of housekeeping. The eating place towards the graden can be transformed into a saloon for occasional local events.

On the first floor resides a spatious coworking office facing Jókai Mór street, and a learning centre at the back, where language teaching and other classes of adult education could take place.

My goal was to create a both environmentally and humanly friendly place, which recycles space, food, waste and creates a great meeting point to its visitors. – Júlia Pokol

Consultant: prof. György Alföldi DLA

Skills: 2018, studio works