BP8 – Jázmin Square – Public Participatory Planning

BP8 – Jázmin Square – Public participatory planning

In the framework of the Child Friendly Józsefváros concept in 2022, the Municipality of Józsefváros decided that the Mirr-Murr playground in Jázmin Street (located in the 8th district of Budapest) should be subject to a needs assessment and then to public participatory planning with the residents to consider its future. During the public participatory planning process, the renovation of the public square of Jázmin-Füvészkert-Tömő Street was planned together with the involvement of the citizens concerned, users and other organisations. RÉV8 Zrt. was commissioned to carry out the participatory planning, including the process, facilitation and the tools used in the events, in cooperation with the Urban Future Laboratory (UFLab).

The public participatory planning process in the Jázmin Square area was carried out using the 6-step methodology of the UFLab workshop. We conducted 4 face-to-face addressing and 2 public dialogue events. The main purpose of the adressing events was to raise local interest and to connect with the public, where we used interactive invitations to advertise the dates of the public dialogues, the project’s purpose and online platforms. In the first public dialogue participants were asked to express their habits of using the neighbourhood’s public space through 7 different tasks and to suggest the main functions, target groups, atmosphere, name and integration of Jasmine Square. The event was conducted using a variety of gamified tools to raise awareness, engage, inform participatory design and ensure equal voice. Children were provided with a special station where they could visualise their ideal Jasmine Square through drawings. The aim of the second public dialogue was to test the different furnishing options for the space with the residents of the neighborhood and to give their opinions on the location of the selected features and public spaces based on their experiences.

For full description of the participation process and to view the results, please visit our brochure on Issuu:

Skills: 2023, projects, public participation, publications, urban gamification
Client: RÉV8 Zrt.