Community Planning Conference – Budapest

Community Planning Conference, Budapest, 2019.

From the UFLab research team Prof. György Alföldi DLA and Olívia Kurucz performed at the Community Planning Conference with the presentation title: Experiences of public participation applied in planning courses.

One of the biggest challenges for public participation is to create communication and commence dialogue between participants. For this reason, we considered it important to include this tool in the teaching of urban planning subjects. At first, we started involving the city’s actors with smaller interactive tools, and then felt the need to create a larger, attention-grabbing installation that could be easily shaped for the current event, which invite the person of the street to plan. Thus came the idea of a community information gathering and gamified voting tool – called Urban 3D Diagram. The design process of U3DD was integrated into the Creative Week 2017, where architect students could invent the operation, communication interface and structure of the installation together. The goal was a lightweight construction with the lowest possible storage requirements, the possibility of easy assembly and interchangeability of communication surfaces.

Students built a prototype of the installation during the Creative Week and have since we used it as a means of gathering information and reaching out to the public through a number of research, educational, and public participation processes – like at Pesterzsébet UCL research project and the public events of Salgótarján or Pécel2030.

The event was organized by Borsos Melinda and Dimitrijevic Tijana in Budapest, 11/2019.
Read the Book of Abstracts on Issuu here.
You can find more information and event photos of the Community Planning Conference at the host Facebook page here.
Photos and cover picture credits: Borsos Melinda, Dimitrijevic Tijana and Képkocka.

Skills: 2019, conference, urban gamification