The Natural Future – Pesterzsébet – UCL research

The Natural Future – Pesterzsébet – UCL research

Within the framework of the entire Pesterzsébet’s project, UFLab organized a public participation on-site event with the Complex Design Studio 1 students. Nikolett Puskás – who is a PhD student at the Institute for Global Prosperity at UCL University College London (UCL) – joined our team with her research, which focuses on various aspects of the using modes of Erzsébetfalva’s public spaces.

To facilitate the “public dialogue” we appeared at two locations simultaneously within the action area – in the Tatra Square market and on Kossuth Lajos Street, joining a local Outdoor Health and Sports Day event – and we applied gamified participatory planning tools in order to reach out to the local residents.

The opinions, suggestions and experiences gathered during the event were incorporated into the plans of the students and Nikolett also used them in her research.

Public Participation, gamification and UCL Research
Consultants: prof. György Alföldi DLA, Olívia Kurucz, Nikolett Puskás (UCL)

Complex Design Studio 1 – 2018
Consultants: prof. György Alföldi DLA, Tamás Vörös DLA, Tamás János Pintér
[students: Csukás Fruzsina, Decsák Petra, Éliás Dorottya, Futó Lili, Gombos Attila, Göőz Alexandra, Kálmán Adrienn, Kopacz Noémi, Lajtos Levente, Murányi Zita, Nagy Dóra, Ondi Boglárka, Pokol Júlia, Sörényi Zsófia, Szabó Bálint, Tálosi Lilla, Tátrai Anna Flóra, Tóth Tünde, Ürmös Eszter, Viszló Enikő]


Skills: 2018, public participation, research, urban gamification, workshops