Zsámbék – Urban development program

Zsámbék2030 – Urban Development Program

With the „Zsámbék 2030” initiative, launched in 2015, the municipality wanted to establish a long-term dialogue process in order to strengthen the city and increase its chances of meeting the many challenges. We had to create a supportive environment that would allow renewal and the joining of forces after the debate on urban planning decisions. Efforts had to be made to build a consensus on the important issues that would make the city strong, stable and able to make the most of its potential, best able to meet the challenges, a healthy, well-functioning small town with a good reputation to live up to.

project team: prof. Dr. György Alföldi DLA / Olívia Kurucz / Dániel Balizs / Anett Hegyi / Péter Tóth / Fanni Botka

Skills: 2018, public participation, publications, urban gamification, workshops
Client: The Municipality of Zsámbék