Conference on Creative Urbanism and Culture – UFLab presentation

Urban Gamification: Analyzing the Effects of UFLab’s Tangible Gamified Tools in Four Hungarian Urban Public Participation Processes

Olivia Kurucz has participated in the 15. International Conference on Creative Urbanism and Culture [January 21-22, 2021 in Amsterdam, Netherlands] and won the Best Presentation Award.

Abstract: Gamification is one of the outstanding new methodological possibilities of urban public participation processes to make the most informed decision possible for the future steps of urban development. This paper examines four Hungarian experimental projects in which gamified tools were applied during the public participation progresses by the Urban Future Laboratory (UFLab) research workshop of Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE). The recently implemented future planning projects (in the cities of Pécel, Kistarcsa, Budapest, and Salgótarján) were initiated by various motives, but the multi-stakeholder dialogues were facilitated through physical gamified tools in all cases. Based on the urban gamification hypothesis, the use of gamified tools supported certain steps of participatory processes in several aspects: it helped to increase the attractiveness of public events, to create a more informal atmosphere, to ensure equal conditions for actors, to recall a design mindset, to bridge contrasting social or cultural differences, to fix opinions and to assist dialogue between city actors, designers, and residents. This statement is confirmed by assessing the applied tools, analyzing the case studies, and comparing them to perceive their effects and interrelations.

Keywords: experimental projects, future planning, gamification, gamified tools, Hungary, public participation, UFLab, urban gamification.

Author: Olivia Kurucz
Supervisor: prof. György Alföldi DLA

Skills: 2021, conference, publications, research, urban gamification