BuSTOP’99 – ‘the BUS STOP of ours’


project team:  György Alföldi DLA / Péter Bach / Gergely Kukucska / Zsolt Balaskó / Barbara Brosch / Marianna Éva Kiss / János Klaniczay / Debóra Leitold / Sára Borbála Magyar / Rebeka Monory / Tamás Péter Ötvös / graphic design: Ágoston Bach

Designing and building the prototype of an experimental BUS STOP for the bus line No. 99 in the 8th district of Budapest – as a special Urban Intervention. The project site is located in the Magdolna quarter – the most segregated part of the city. The project has been realised within the framework of the MAGDOLNA QUARTER Programme III. organised by Rév8 Zrt. / see the sponsors and supporters of the project on the last slide

Skills: 2015, projects, public participation, workshops
Client: Budapest Capital VIII. District Józsefváros Municipality