Resilient City – Public/Space Month 2018 – Roundtable Discussion in Budaörs

You can listen the whole roundtable discussion about Reziliens City here:

– Top-down and bottom-up approaches of public spaces and urban planning initiatives, developments, projects and interventions in Hungary and worldwide.
– Trends in urban design, gamification and communities.
– How have tools, strategies and models changed over the past decades? What can we expect in the future this area?
– What are the motivations that drive designers towards the community?

Roundtable discussion partners:
György Alföldi DLA – architect – UFlab/urb/BME
Botond Zsolt Dobos DLA – architect – Húsznegyven
Bálint Kádár PhD – architect – Kortárs Építészeti Központ
Gergő Kukucska – architect – Valyo, Város és Folyó
Anna Szilágyi-Nagy – landscapes architect – KultúrAktív

The event was organized by Húsznegyven Egyesület
Orgainzers: Botond Zsolt Dobos DLA, Judit Gerzsenyi, Olívia Kurucz
Photos: Olívia Kurucz
Grapics: Daniel Pucz

Skills: 2018, conference